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Four Ways to Donate

  1. Give to the Texas Home School Coalition Association.
    Make a non-tax-deductible donation to the THSC Association to help us:
    • Advocate for families facing harassment and discrimination by government and private entities.
    • Lobby and advocate for parental rights and home schooling in the Texas Legislature.
    • Protect the freedom of parents to raise their own kids, working to elect pro-parental rights officials.
    • Contributions or gifts to Texas Home School Coalition Association are not tax deductible.
  2. Give to the Texas Home School Coalition.
    Your tax-deductible contribution will:
    • Defend the Tutts and recover their right to raise and teach their own children as they see fit.
    • Educate the public and individual families about parental rights and home schooling.
    • Serve the community through the THSC home school conferences, local leadership support, daily customer support, etc.
    • Equip attorneys, through our Continuing Legal Education seminars, to defend families from CPS.
  3. Parental Rights Litigation Fund
    Your tax-deductible contribution will help:
    • Defend families in instances where parental rights are being abused such as in CPS and Grandparent Access cases.
  4. Texas Home School Coalition Political Action Comittee (PAC)
    Your non-tax-deductible contribution will help:
    • Elect pro-home school and pro-parental rights leaders.
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